Product Overview

Evidentally is giving education research a major makeover. Our Evidence SuiteTM gives cloud-based edtech developers and their school customers product efficacy information they need in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner, without sacrificing rigor and quality. Our reports pinpoint where edtech products are consistently being used, what kind of impact they’re having in schools, and which students and/or teachers they benefit the most. And most importantly, we work with edtech developers and school practitioners in a collaborative process that yields the right kind of information to help companies improve their product and its implementation—ultimately providing greater success for teachers and students.


    Characterize your customer base
    and determine which sites could support further studies


    Find out how product usage is correlated with outcomes


    Understand the impact of your product
    and who benefits most from using it


Our services are offered to edtech developers, their partners, customers, and investors. Since the primary purpose of the reports is continuous improvement of the product, its implementation, and its marketing, multi-year engagements are supported through reports that show growth and changes in product usage and impact as well as discounts for multiple reports.


Our ​​Evidence Suite gives edtech providers in the K-12 market analytics that will help with product improvement through answering questions such as, what aspect of usage is really making a difference in school outcomes? The service takes advantage of the cloud-based usage data routinely collected from students or teachers in identifiable schools. These data are the key to keeping the cost low by identifying where an impact is likely to be found and understanding usage patterns that impact outcomes.


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