Evidentally, Inc. was recently formed to help edtech providers benefit from product efficacy studies.

Our Mission

Improve the efficacy of edtech products
while providing K-12 educators with evidence about what will work in their schools.


Evidentally, Inc. brings research experience, industry savvy, and passion for edtech analytics to the task of changing the way research is done. It builds on the strengths of Empirical Education Inc., a 16-year-old small business, which is incubating the new company in this early stage by providing infrastructure, expertise, and staffing.

Kylene Shen

Kylene Chinsio ShenPresident & CEO

Kylene Chinsio Shen
President & CEO

She's had 20 years in the field including teaching high-needs students, designing instructional materials, and product management. She has an MSEd from Northwestern.

Denis Newman

Denis NewmanBoard Chair

Denis Newman
Board Chair

As co-founder and board chair, he has over 35 years of experience developing instructional technologies. His PhD. is in developmental psychology.

Val Lazarev

Val LazarevCTO

Val Lazarev
Chief Technology Officer

As co-founder, he develops the analysis principles used in Evidentally's products. An expert in econometrics, his PhD is in economics.

Kylene Shen

Karen BillingsBoard Member

Karen Billings
Board Member

As a leader in EdTech, she has over 40 years of experience in teaching, developing products, and executive management. She now consults with EdTech companies to better serve the evolving needs of the industry and marketplace.

Robin Means

Robin MeansVP of Operations

Robin Means
VP of Operations

With a degree in finance, she brings 14 years of small business experience including administration, operations, marketing, and online communications.