Evidentally, Inc. was recently formed to help edtech providers benefit from product efficacy studies.

Our Mission

Improve the efficacy of edtech products
while providing K-12 educators with evidence about what will work in their schools.

Education Innovator Named CEO of Evidentally

Trisha Callella to Drive Growth for Startup Efficacy Analytics Company

Palo Alto, CA (May 30, 2019) – Evidentally, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area start-up that is giving education research a major makeover, named education innovator Trisha Callella as its CEO. Callella, a dynamic leader with a history of success in education technology, will drive growth for Evidentally, which provides cost-effective analyses that meet ESSA requirements and reports that pinpoint where edtech products are used what impact they’re having in schools, and which students and teachers benefit most.

“Trisha brings the know-how, energy, and passion to scale Evidentally to become the leading digital factory for the production of evidence,” said Denis Newman, Co-founder and Board Chair of Evidentally and CEO of Empirical Education Inc., which he founded in 2003. “Her first-hand knowledge of the edtech market and commitment to science was essential. Her drive to making a positive difference aligns with our goal of helping edtech companies improve their products so schools who need it most will benefit.”

An Apple Distinguished Educator for six years, Callella has a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences from University of Southern California. She is the Director of Innovation and Instruction at an urban, public TK-12 school district in California and was previously Vice President of Code to the Future (a startup for computer science immersion).

She is a speaker and program developer at numerous conferences and national organizations including ISTE, SOLVE at MIT, TEDx, and SXSW EDU where she is on the advisory board, and has taught and mentored educators since 2005. Her publications include a textbook on algebraic thinking readiness, 47 K-8 teacher resource books, and six children’s books.

“Evidentally’s subscription based online product captured my interest because of its truly innovative approach and proprietary technology,” said Dr. Callella. “I’m very enthusiastic about how the efficacy analytics can help the edtech companies and schools work together in making better products.”

Evidentally is being honored as a participant in the software industry’s Innovation Showcase at SIIA’s Ed Tech Industry Network Conference, June 10 in San Francisco. The company was incubated within Empirical Education and draws on its expertise in US Department of Education policy for rigorous research. It focuses on a collaborative process with edtech developers and school practitioners to help companies improve their products and how they are implemented.

“With her strong background in education, knowledge of research, and entrepreneurial spirit, Trisha Callella is well positioned to take on the senior leadership role at Evidentally,” said Betsy Corcoran, CEO of EdSurge, who served as matchmaker. “She is bright and passionate about education and technology and has a vision of future technologies that will make a positive difference.”


Evidentally, Inc. brings research experience, industry savvy, and passion for edtech analytics to the task of changing the way research is done. It builds on the strengths of Empirical Education Inc., a 16-year-old small business, which is incubating the new company in this early stage by providing infrastructure, expertise, and staffing.

Trisha Callella

Trisha CallellaCEO

Trisha Callella

This edtech expert and education leader has taken the reins of Evidentally. Her EdD is from USC.

Denis Newman

Denis NewmanBoard Chair

Denis Newman
Board Chair

As co-founder and board chair, he has over 35 years of experience developing instructional technologies. His PhD. is in developmental psychology.

Val Lazarev

Val LazarevChief Product Architect

Val Lazarev
Chief Product Architect & CTO

As co-founder, he develops the analysis principles used in Evidentally's products. An expert in econometrics, his PhD is in economics.

Kylene Shen

Kylene ShenVP of Marketing

Kylene Shen
VP of Marketing

She's had 20 years in the field including teaching high-needs students, designing instructional materials, and product management. She has an MSEd from Northwestern.

Robin Means

Robin MeansVP of Operations

Robin Means
VP of Operations

With a degree in finance, she brings 14 years of small business experience including administration, operations, marketing, and online communications.